Food labelling

Atestor provides turnkey food labelling services.

We offer:

  • to producers and importers 

developing labelling in full compliance with current Ukrainian legislation;

  • to exporters 

developing with translation food labelling taking into account the legal requirements of the market countries.

Neglect of product labelling and non-compliance with regulations are  direct way to a host of problems:

  • penalties from the regulatory authorities;
  • non-admission of products for export or for realization through large Ukrainian retail chains;
  • low consumer loyalty to products of questionable quality and safety;
  • significant financial and reputational losses.

Our experts can help you avoid all of these consequences by developing labelling for your products to meet the requirements and needs of all your stakeholders.

How food labelling requirements are regulated in Ukraine

Since 2019, the Ukrainian Law "On Information for Consumers regarding Food Products", which establishes requirements for the labelling of food products marketed in Ukraine, has been in force in Ukraine

The main objective of labelling: the consumer, even before buying a product, must get a complete picture of it, get all the information needed to make a decision about the purchase. The information on the packaging of the product must be truthful and comprehensive. The same applies to food advertising.

The law sets out requirements not only for the content of the labelling, but also for some of the nuances of design:

the text should be in the national language and in any other languages on the request of the market operator

the text should be printed in a clearly legible, contrasting font , durable and indelible

the mandatory information may not overlap with any other elements: images, symbols, etc.

font size: for packages larger than 80 cm², the minimum permissible height for lower case letters is 1.2 mm; for smaller packages is 0.9 mm.

allergens information should be highlighted by colour, font style or text formatting

for products in packages smaller than 10 cm², the following information must be included in the labelling: product name, allergen information and the date of minimum durability or the ‘use by’ date; other information is available on request from the consumer additionally

Labelling requirements for food products exported to the EU

If you plan to export food products to the EU, meeting the Ukrainian legislation requirements will not be enough.  Food labeling must be brought into line with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1169/2011.

The Regulation establishes general requirements for the labelling: 

  • mandatory nutritional information;
  • country of origin mandatory labelling of unprocessed poultry, sheep and pig meat;
  • allergen highlighting. The requirement also applies to non-packaged products, including those sold in catering;
  • readability of the text, truthfulness and completeness of the information.

Specific requirements apply to labelling:

  • GMOs contained products and novel food products;
  • foodstuffs for specific food purposes;
  • food additives and flavourings;
  • materials intended to food contact;

The Nutrition declaration on the label must include the following information:

  • energy value;
  • fat levels, saturated hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, sugar, proteins and salts;
  • food additives and flavourings should always be listed on food packaging (antioxidants, preservatives, colours, etc). It will tell what each additive does, followed by its name or E number.
  • Information on the content of monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, polyols, starches or fibres can be given as voluntary.

True labelling of foodstuffs with Atestor

Atestor offers expert services for the development of food labelling to manufacturers wishing to expand the market for their products through exports to EU countries, taking into account EU requirements and the additional requirements of the countries in which the products are to be sold and also the translation of the labelling. For detailed advice, leave a request on our website and wait for a call from a manager.