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The manufacturer, importer and exporter are responsible for the information displayed on the product packaging label. The conformity assessment of products to the requirements of a particular country begins with the Labelling. Labelling need to inform the consumer about the product and it should to comply with labelling regulations to market your food product legally in different countries. General rules for labelling products are accurate, comprehensive information on the packaging that shall not be misleading. In addition, the key labelling information about the product as to the characteristics, in particular, as to its nature, identity, properties, composition, quantity, durability indicates a respectful attitude of the manufacturer towards the consumer.

  As a result of cooperation with Atestor, you will have a clear understanding of what information you need to provide to consumers about the product, avoiding possible confusing sales situations on the market and crossing customs borders.

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Products Labelling with the Atestor is convenient and easy!

Regulatory Labelling Services are translations, revisions and reviews on Ukrainian, Russian and English languages by regulatory affairs specialists, medical language experts and native speakers with consistent quality and terminology as well as compliance with the regulatory requirements of Ukraine, EU, EAEU countries

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Reach out today with your project needs and our regulatory labelling specialist can support you to understand any queries as:

Features of applying additional voluntary inscriptions to the packaging

Features of labelling of alcoholic beverages, excise goods, medical devices

What necessary information must be presented on the label of a food or non-food product depending on the country of marketing

How to designate food and dietary additives, determine those permitted in Ukraine or other countries where products are marketed

Font size selection and sequence of mandatory information displayed on the product packaging label.

What regulatory legal provisions of the country where the goods will be sold should be taken into account when applying labelling

Atestor contributes to the solution of any labelling tasks

We are glad to cooperate with manufacturers, distributors, as well with companies importing to Ukraine or exporting their goods:

food group

alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

tobacco products

dietary supplements

detergents and disinfectants cosmetic products

children's products and toys

medical products

What can we offer?

Atestor Labelling team will help to prevent conflicts with regulatory authorities concerning labelling, to develop labelling in accordance with the requirements of the EU, the EAEU countries, Ukrainian legislation to provide explanations on the application of best practices and recommendations for applying information to the label of food and non-food products. Atestor will support you with the following options:

Labelling assessment

Review current template versions of different types of label including individually packed item and external packaging with the provision of written recommendations

Development of labelling template

Various service packages projects depending on your requirements

Comparison of legislation

Comparison of labelling legislation requirements of the Ukraine, EU, EAEU and other countries with conclusion if necessary

Adaptation to export requirements

Labelling translation, revisions and reviews for free movement of legally produced and marketed food

Why labelling is important and who inspect it

A beautiful label with right information guarantee that consumers are appropriately informed as regards the food they consume, increases brand trust and stimulates consumer demand. In addition, the labelling of products is regulated by law. Official control is carried out by the following authorities: 

1. State Food and Consumer Service is the main control body authorized to inspect the labelling of goods in Ukraine.

First of all, they inspect outlets in which products are placed. 

In case of detection of non-conformity of the requirements according to labelling legislation inspector may prohibit the realization of such goods and visit with appropriate verification the supplier, importer, manufacturer of products. 

2. In addition to the State Food and Consumer Service, the inspection of labelling is carried out by the customs authorities in the process of registration of import products. The absence of a mark of conformity (for example, on the labels for toys), incorrect or unreasonable its application, can lead to a delay in customs clearance procedure and registration of goods at a customs licensed warehouse, transport downtime, and in the end confiscation of the entire consignment.

3. Antitrust committees or Competition committees in all civilized countries also monitor the completeness and accuracy of information on product labels. Such controls prevent possible unfounded competitive advantages for companies manipulating knowingly false or forbidden information on product labels.  These committees are authorized to conduct inspections on their own initiative or as a result of complaints from consumers or competitors. 

That is why it is so important to label products exactly as required by law, in accordance with technical labelling regulations of the countries where the goods will be marketed.